FCSD Adult Dance Conference

Creating accessible opportunities for dance education is at the heart of our mission. Whether you are a beginner or have been dancing for years, the benefits of dance are far reaching. Our adult dance community is thriving more than ever. This conference is for you! A supportive, encouraging space to learn, get active, find community, connect and heal.

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Adult Dance Conference

Feb. 22 - 28

Partners in Dance Education

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Connection Dance Works was founded in 2010. The company's efforts and initiatives have engaged a growing audience in an active discussion about contemporary dance. Their multi-disciplinary collaborations — with musicians, choreographers, writers, composers, visual artists, and multi-media creators — affirm a new era of cross-pollination and a profound commitment to the notion of community.


Connection Dance Works provides opportunities for artists to share knowledge and learn from each other through its PERSPECTIVE series and annual Saint John Contemporary Dance Festival. The company has established itself as an educational forum for audiences and students alike, offering workshops, artist talks and professional development for both local and visiting artists. Connection Dance Works has worked with Julia Aplin, Marie-Josée Chartier, Tedi Tafel, Meagan O’Shae, Darryl Tracy and Lesandra Dodson. The company creates new work, collaborates with multi-disciplinary artists, and presents dance on a regular basis.

Meet The Educators

Class Descriptions

Heels with Jerry Burchill

Express your sensuality by diving into the art of  'allure'. Jerry teaches how to angle & define your body, catwalk and heighten the aesthetics of the human form. Strut with confidence, and register to slay today!

Heels with Shelby Harnish

Heels dancing pulls from various styles of dance, from hip hop and jazz, to Latin and African dance, creating a powerful and commanding projuct that is rooted in sensuality. In this class, you will be introduced to the basics of walking, dipping and hair-tossing to have you moving like a pro in no time.

Barre Fitness with Gina Grant

Barre Fitness/Fusion is a fast-paced, high-intensity and low impact workout that targets the whole body with movements inspired by ballet and pilates. Participants will be guided through movement combinations intended to strengthen and improve their alignment, stability and core set to a playlist of energetic popular music.

Inside and Outside Dance with Darryl Tracy (Zoom)

*Attend this session and have your name entered in a draw for a First City sweatshirt.

This one-hour practical and interactive workshop will be facilitated by Darryl Tracy. Participants will investigate how they can get the most from their practices/class work. Tracy will look at preparatory activities as well as some cool down tips. Darryl will discuss ergonomic trends that can affect one’s physical body and how to facilitate dynamic alignment through lengthening, stretching, breath and sensory work.

Tap with Melissa Feltus

Razzle dazzle them with tap! Tap classes work on developing rhythm, timing and musicality through learning the core steps of tap and combining these into routines. Tap dance has many benefits such as improving one's balance, coordination, mental and muscle memory as well as being a fun way to obtain cardio conditioning.

Dance and the City with Melissa Feltus

We're partnering with Zyia to deliver a Saturday night experience like no other. Consider this the social evening of the conference. Learn a jazz routine, sip on wine and shop. Then, head to your favourite uptown restaurant.  Really, do we need to say anything more?

Improvisation with Marcia Dysart

Come play in this relaxed, encouraging and supportive class, where you can cultivate your own movement voice.  Dancers will explore new movement ideas through tasks and guided exercises that will enhance their awareness of self expression and body in space. Improve your confidence and gain an appreciation of improvisation as a choreographic tool. Open to all levels of ability.

Musical Theatre with Emma McEvoy

Come learn an energizing combo from Moulin Rouge, the musical! Have fun while gaining confidence through musical theatre dance. Open to all levels.

Yoga with Jackie Fitzpatrick

A sequence of gentle posture with focus on hips. We will work with our breath as we move in and out of these postures. Taking a few minutes at the end of class for our final resting posture.

Beginner Salsa with SalsaSJ

Intro to cuban salsa : A whirlwind tour of the basic steps, rhythm and timing of this "street" version of salsa.​Great for dancers of all skill levels from zero to hero.

Contemporary with Marcia Dysart

Contemporary dance is based in ballet and has its roots in modern technique. The form also borrows from other genres, such as African dance, jazz, hip hop and martial arts. Some of the cross features are the use of parallel legs, contraction and release, spiral and tilting of the spine, grounding, embracing gravity and floor work. 

Contemporary Choreography with Marcia Dysart

Discover the unique process of creating contemporary dance. Dancers will  learn an original piece of choreography, while having a hand in shaping the work to its final product. Designed for all levels of ability, you'll have opportunities to choose from a myriad of tasks within the structure. Think of it as choosing your own adventure while painting a beautiful piece of art.

Ballet with Sarah Power and Rebecca Gamble

Whether you are a beginner or have prior experience, you'll enjoy immersing yourself into the art of ballet, its technique, class structure and full body benefits. Ballet's focus is to train dance students to use their bodies correctly by focusing on kinetics, coordination, anatomy and proper body alignment. 

Beginner Hip Hop with Becky Steeves

This class will be high energy with hard hitting beats, isolations and a fun, easy to follow combination that will have you showing it off everywhere you can!

Jazz with Marcia Dysart

Combining strength and flexibility, jazz employs movements that are quick, clean, precise and percussive. Dancers will experience the traditional structure of a jazz class and learn a dynamic combination. Open to all levels.

Attentive Movement with Sarah Power

Explore innate creativity through Attentive Moving, a physical practice of listening for and to inner impulse. We will each act as mover and witness exploring movements that are attuned to the moment through Attentive Moving and then re-embodying impulses with voice and/or body and writing/drawing from each experience. No prior dance experience required. Wear comfortable clothing you can move in and bring a book or paper to write/draw with.

Full Conference Pass - $40

Drop-in - $15/class

Dancers must sign up in advance for classes. Limited spaces available. After purchasing your ticket, sign up for classes via email at firstcityschoolofdance@gmail.com 

We follow all government protocols for COVID-19. Proof of full vaccination and masking required.



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